"Playwright Wendy Michaels “takes you there” with her brilliant writing and vision." Tolucan Times

A bride. A groom. A maid of honor (who just happens to be the bride’s ex-lover)
What could possibly go wrong?

"Amazing! We were very impressed! I had no idea that it would relate to me that much. I laughed and cried! I am extremely glad I chose to see this play!"  TG, audience member

Let GOD and SEX lead you through a journey of self-discovery in a new light, questioning the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ labels of relationship, passion,  fulfillment, identity, god, and sex. 

A BRIDE. A GROOM. A MAID OF HONOR (who just happens to the bride's ex-lover) WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?! AMY, an ambitious and driven bi-sexual woman in her early 40’s wants to get married to TIM and keep her past relationships with women a secret from Tim’s family, friends and church.  Amy asks her former lesbian lover to be her bridesmaid. Getting married to a man, Amy is finally able to share an intimate relationship with her conventional-thinking father.  The marriage takes place in a small town where Amy and Tim renewed their friendship and fell in love. The small town has the perfect quaint country church backdrop; however, the church is homophobic as is the friends and family of Tim. What if coming of age happened in your 40’s?