Wendy Michaels


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue


Training:  BA Theatre Arts, U of Miami

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Willing to travel


Single in South Beach              Supporting                              Dir: Alejandro Itkin
Bachelor Party 2                       Supporting                              Dir: Jim Ryan
I Love You Phillip Morris         Supporting                               Dir: Glen Ficarra

Sex Drive                                    Supporting                              Dir:Sean Anders
Safe                                             Supporting                              Dir:Todd Haynes

Theives                                       Principal                                   Dir:Andrew Peterson

Il Boconcino                               Principal                                   Dir:Ferne Carposis

Banished Behind Bars             Supporting                               Dir:Henri Charr

Phantom Pain                           Principal                                    Dir:Neil Matsumoto

Call Me Christian                      Principal                                    Dir:Karen White

New Media

My Sister Is So Gay                  Series Regular                            Sam Irvin




America's Most Wanted         Guest Star                                  Greg Klein
The Glades                               Co-Star                                        Lee Rose
It's A Digital World                   TOS Guest Star                          Paul Greenberg
Behind Bars                              TOS Guest Star                          Edward Barbini


Two Across                                Janet                                         Santa Monica Playhouse, LA

Aspirins & Elephants              Honey                                       Santa Monica Playhouse, LA

Almost Perfect                         Jenny                                         Santa Monica Playhouse, LA

Lullaby                                      Eva                                             The Tamarind Theatre, LA

The Two of Us                          Julie                                            Theatre Geo, LA

50K Restraining Orders         Rory                                            Odessa Theatre, LA

Rabbit Hole                              Becca                                          Mosaic Theatre, FL

Last Summer at Bluefish       Annie                                          Ft Lauderdale Theatre, FL

The Dining Room                    5 characters                              The Studio Thatre, Fl

Come Back to the 5 & Dime  Sissy                                            The Ring Theatre, FL

Ms Firecracker Contest          Elaine                                          Pawley Theatre, FL

A Girl's Guide to Chaos          Rita                                               Area Stage, FL

The Cover of Life                     Sybil                                             Drama Center, FL

Ms Smith Goes to                    Ms Smith                                     Carrusel Stage, FL


Training & Workshops

Charles Nelson Reilly

Silvano Gallardo

Improv Underground

Bachelor of Arts