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Which is a current photography exhibit in Venice, California. The photographer, Susan McDonnell is a neuroscientist and Professor of Biology at Stanford University and created this beautiful collection of photographs of.....ELEPHANTS in Africa. With a passion for wildlife conservation, Susan has created a visual smorgasbord for anyone with a heart for these giants. They brought me to tears. I met the curator, Ed Boks and was crying the whole time. Not because of the tortured images but actually the opposite. Seeing images of the grandeur of wild elephants just doing their thing. Without being forced to perform or be out on exhibit in a zoo, these photographs provide the viewer with a visual tale of the reality of who these sentient beings are without our human interruptions. AMAZING.

I just got back from the gallery and SUSAN MCDONNELL will be there to speak on Friday July 21st. G2 gallery on Abbott Kinney in Venice.

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